AAWP v3.15.2 Free WordPress Plugin Download

AAWP v3.15.2 Free WordPress Plugin Download One Touch Theme

AAWP v3.15.2 Free WordPress Plugin Download | One Touch Theme

AAWP – The Best WordPress Plugin for Amazon Affiliates Plugin is the plugin for you if you truly want to earn money with Amazon Affiliate marketing.

The conversion and CTR of AAWP – The Best WordPress Plugin for Amazon Affiliates is incredible! It also improves the professionalism of my websites. You’ll like using the Amazon API to extract pictures and build my own charts and tables while remaining compliant with Amazon’s terms of service. AAWP – The Best WordPress Plugin for Amazon Affiliates is a must-have for anybody who runs Amazon affiliate websites!

Features of the AAWP include: –

Information that is currently available

Affiliate links are automatically created, and goods, prices, and discounts are updated. You don’t have to be concerned!

Configuration options are many.

The plugin settings or individually extending the shortcodes may be used to change the plugin’s functionality and output.

Design that can be changed

To modify the layout of your website, choose from a variety of designs, add your own styles, or build new templates.

Text hyperlinks

You may produce a particular product name inside your article using text links. The output name and the associated link are created automatically. The product name may be manually changed.

Product boxes (single or many)

Do you want to showcase a single Amazon product in a post or page? One or more aesthetically attractive product boxes may be shown using a shortcode. The product boxes have a variety of purposes, such as title, description, current availability and pricing, discounts, and call-to-action buttons.

New York Times Best Sellers (lists)

By displaying the best-selling items for a particular product category or keyword, you can offer your visitors a very powerful selling point with bestseller lists. You may also specify a certain number of items, such as top 3, top 10, and so on.

New publications have been released (lists)

How about directing your visitors’ attention to the most recent items in a certain product category? You have the same control over the number of product ranks as you have with the bestselling lists.

Fields of data

Individual product information (such as title, description, current price, or buy button) may be placed anywhere in your articles/pages using the so-called “fields.” The PHP functions supplied may also be utilised directly in your templates.


To incorporate articles into your sidebar, you may use widgets. You have the option of selecting one of the main functions mentioned above. If you require additional flexibility, you may put the shortcodes in a text widget instead (or Visual Composer).


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