AdLinkFly Script Free Download


AdLinkFly complies with the GDPR. Start your own sponsored link shortening service, similar to,,, or clone scripts, and make money! Allow members to make money by shortening links and keeping a portion of the proceeds.

The Basics of AdLinkFly

Make users admins and make them easily accessible
On the dashboard, you can see site statistics.
Change the name and description of your website.
Change the site’s default language and timezone.
Include two variants of your website’s logo.
Enable/Disable Email Account Activation
Activate or deactivate advertising features
Earnings from referrals are changing.
The ability to insert Head Code into the front section of pages
Ability to include Head Code on Auth pages such as signin, signup, and lost password.
Adding a Head Code to a Member’s Area
Admin area has the ability to add Head Code.
Certain domains are not allowed to be abbreviated.
Change the alias min and max lengths.
Enable/Disable Advertisement in the Interstices
Enable/disable banner advertising Enable/disable banner advertising There will be no advertisements.
Set the type of advertisement that anonymous and members will see by default.
Insert a counter value into the pages with short links.


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