Admin Columns Pro V5.5.1 Free WordPress Plugin Download

Admin Columns Pro V5.5.1 Free Plugin Download

Download Admin Columns Pro Admin Columns Pro NulledĀ 

Manage Columns in WordPress for Free Save time when it comes to managing your WordPress content. Sort, Filter, Edit, and Export your content without breaking a sweat by managing the sections that appear on your WordPress administration panels. Improved Perspectives On your rundown screens, show any content for clients, media, and all post types. All custom field data is included. Sort, filter, and sort any section to find the right material quickly. Faster Editing Save time by changing the value of any section immediately on the outline page. Export WordPress material, like as articles and clients, to a CSV format. Columns Can Be Added to Suit Your Needs You may use Admin Columns to add segments to your outline pages so that you can view more relevant info. For example, the thumbnail you’ve assigned to a blog post, the labels you’ve added, and the article’s total word count. You can sort and channel content based on segment content, and you can change general content directly from the outline screen. Lightning Quick Editing You may make changes to your postings without having to open them. You may edit your posts directly from the post outline page using inline edit. Are you looking to modify the featured image, add labels, or change the title of your post? You may change the basis by clicking ‘Inline Edit’.

Columns Can Be Added to Suit Your Needs

Editing at breakneck speed

Using Columns to Organize Your Content Channel

Combining Multiple Column Sets with Other Popular Plugins

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