Admin Menu Editor Pro V2.14.1 Free WordPress Plugin Download

Admin Menu Editor Pro V2.14.1 Free Plugin Download

Admin Menu Editor Pro

Highlights of the Admin Menu Editor Pro Hide menus from clients or jobs. With only a few snaps, you may change the menu consents. Take a job, then uncheck the menu items you want to hide and tick the ones you want to display. You may also alter individual customer authorizations. You could, for example, hide a menu from everyone but yourself, or provide a client access to a certain administrator page without changing their job. Create a menu that is easy to understand. Make WordPress easier to use by bringing frequently used menu items to the front. You may also transfer menu items from one submenu to the next, or from the top menu to the submenu. Do you need a high-level connection to “Add New Post” or a specific module? That’s something you can do. Have a wacky module that places the administrator page in an inconvenient location? If all else is equal, move it to “Settings.” More than 600 menu symbols are included in the module, which includes symbols from the Dashicons and FontAwesome symbol text styles. You may use the Media Library to upload your own PNG or GIF symbols, or you can manually input the symbol URL. Symbols can also be added to submenu items. Edit the foundation, text, symbol, and feature tones in the menu. You have the option of applying your progressions to the whole administrator menu or redoing the colours of specific items. Make new menu things You can add your own connections to the administrator menu. You can likewise make a custom menu that installs the substance of a post or page in the WordPress administrator. At long last, it’s feasible to make non-interactive things, which can be helpful for things like area headers in complex administrator menus. Create new menu items. The administrator menu allows you to add your own connections. In the WordPress administrator, you can also create a custom menu that instals the content of a post or page. Finally, non-interactive items are possible, which might be useful for things like area headers in complex administrator menus. Menus should open in a new tab or an iframe. Let’s assume you’re building a website for a non-technical client and you need to create an educational exercise page or external help that seems like it’s required for WordPress. This is when the “Open in: Frame” option comes in handy. It will display the linked page with no border.The “another window” option (for example, target=” blank”) is also offered for convenience. Setting up the import and fare menu Export your administrator menu configuration to a file, then import it onto another site. Modules should be stored away. Singular parts on the “Modules” page can be hidden. You may hide them from everyone or just specific jobs or clients, just like you do with menu items. Make your markings. Replace the default WordPress branding with your own with the Branding add-on. You may modify the WordPress logo, the login page, the administrator shading scheme, the WordPress form, and the centre update alerts, among other things. Admin Bar Modifications The optional Toolbar Editor add-on lets you customise the Admin Bar, often known as the WordPress Toolbar. You can hide toolbar items, drag and drop requests, rename items, create new connections, and that’s just the beginning.


Arrange the menu in a simple manner.

Tones on the menu can be changed

There are over 600 menu symbols to choose from.

Create new menu items.

Menus should open in a new tab or an iframe.

Setting up the import and fare menu


New tabs “Import” and “Fare” have been added. Not just the administrator menu and gadgets, but also a major percentage of the module settings may now be imported and changed.


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