Affiliate v2.7.4 Free WordPress Plugin Download

Affiliate v2.7.4 Free WordPress (Wp) Plugin Download | One Touch Theme

Affiliate WP Plugin v2.7.4 Free Download

AffiliateWP v2.7 is the latest version of AffiliateWP. All major WordPress ecommerce and membership plugins are fully integrated with AffiliateWP. Even on servers with severe caching, AffiliateWP successfully monitors affiliate referrals. AffiliateWP has the appearance and feel of a WordPress plugin. Have as many affiliates as you want actively marketing your goods and services. Affiliates may quickly view how much money they’ve made, how much money is owed to them, and how their referral URLs have performed over time.

Unique Features of AffiliateWP Plugin

Easy to start up – In minutes, your affiliate programme will be up and running. You’re ready to start after you’ve installed and activated the software.

Accurate affiliate tracking — Even on servers with severe caching, AffiliateWP consistently monitors affiliate referrals.

Integrated Payments Service – With our dedicated payouts, you can easily pay affiliates straight to their bank accounts.

Real-time reporting — Keep track of visitors, referrals, revenue, and affiliate registrations recommended by affiliates in real time.

AffiliateWP works seamlessly with the most popular WordPress eCommerce and membership plugins.

Infinite affiliates — Promote your website, goods, and services with an unlimited number of affiliates.

Limitless graphic resources or text links – Give your affiliates unlimited visual resources or text links to promote your site quicker and more effectively.

Affiliate coupon tracking – Affiliate coupon tracking allows you to link discount codes to particular affiliate accounts.

Check your top-earning affiliates, view affiliate data, modify individual affiliate accounts, and regulate affiliate registrations with ease.

Automatic affiliate account creation — Allow all users who create a new WordPress user account on your site to automatically create an affiliate account.

Manual affiliate approval – Affiliate registrations may be manually approved, regulated by administrators, or automatically accepted.

Affiliate Area – A dashboard where your affiliates may monitor their progress, see their profits, get their referral URL, discover creatives, and more!

Referral link generator — Affiliates may use the built-in referral link generator in the Affiliate Area to create their own referral links.

Referral rate kinds — On a global, per-affiliate, and per-product basis, choose between flat fee and percentage referral rate types.

Simple affiliate registration – AffiliateWP comes with a built-in affiliate registration form that allows users to sign up as affiliates right away.

Choose between beautiful and non-pretty affiliate URLs. In URLs, affiliates may use their Affiliate ID or their WordPress username.

Set cookie expiry – Select the number of days for which the referral tracking cookie should be valid.

Simple shortcodes — For the affiliate login form, the registration form, URLs, and more, use WordPress-friendly shortcodes.

Email alerts for admins, pending affiliate applications, affiliate application acceptance and rejection, and fresh referral notifications may all be customised.

Export data to CSV — For forecasting, bookkeeping, and accounting reasons, export affiliate and referral data to a CSV file.

Payout Logs — From the Payouts page, you can view a full record of every payout made to affiliates.

AffiliateWP is highly expandable, with lots of hooks and templates for adding new features and functionality.

REST API — AffiliateWP comes with a complete, read-only REST API as well as a premium add-on that supports CRUD operations.

WP-CLI integration — Create, update, remove, and view all data in AffiliateWP using our complete set of WP-CLI commands.

Ready to perform – AffiliateWP has been thoroughly tested and designed with speed in mind, and it works flawlessly on all types of websites, from big to tiny and everything in between.

AffiliateWP is fully internationalised and ready to be translated into your language. Translations are always appreciated!

AffiliateWP is designed to look and feel like WordPress, and it integrates effortlessly. You have complete control since it is hosted on your website rather than someone else’s.

Support of the highest calibre – If you need help, our customer service is regarded as the finest in the business. We’re here to assist you!


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