Bazar Shop V3.21.0 WordPress Themes For Ecommerce Free Download

Bazar Shop V3.21.0 WordPress Themes For Ecommerce

Bazar Shop – Multi-Purpose online business Theme

Bazar is a brand-new and creative WordPress theme that makes use of the fantastic Woo Commerce module to create a versatile WordPress-controlled store with unlimited format options and a tonne of unimaginable features.

The following is a list of things you should buy.

The impact of zooming in on the item detail page

Showing offers and news was part of the popup module.

Megamenu with image support; check the items page for a list/lattice.

2 different check-out pages (a decent selected checkout page)

“Index mode” allows you to use the topic as an inventory without having to choose a vehicle, and with a “item inquiry structure.”

faqs that can be filtered

With over 300 shortcodes, Shortcode Chief is the king of shortcodes.


Suggested Theme: SmartMag Pro


With the WooCommerce module, it’s possible.

Various payment options are available, as well as tax assistance.

Client information and requests are kept on file.

Options for Delivery

Coupons of your choosing

Support for goods that may be downloaded or digitised

Sliders for hits, included, top rating, discounted, and recent items, as well as a slider for item categories

Highlighted items, continuing items, accomplishments, and general items all have shortcodes (you can set the number of things to show, the kind of request, etc)

The following is a list of items that should be highlighted.

Offer an item highlight in exchange for promoting the item page on your social media platforms.

The item’s detail page, which includes:

With a slider and Zoom Effect, you may choose from a variety of images for your item.

The tabs for related goods, evaluations, and depiction

A contact structure for a “item enquiry” tab: Clients can contact you for product details.

Add a custom material to the item page with custom tabs.

There are several item variations to choose from, such as size, colour, and so on.

Megamenu features include ‘Shopping by Price, Categories, and Brand’ work (very useful features that are used in many web-based company locations!) and image support.

2 unique checkout pages (one of which is a nice javascript-based checkout page)

To kill the truck, go into “list mode” and use the subject as a list.

Offers, incredible discounts, news, and more will appear in a popup window!

WPML support is complete, with a gadget in the header displaying several dialects.

When a customer logs in, put “Welcome XXX” in the header.

Tab for Javascript Cart

a whole deal more

geared at search engines

You may boost your SEO on each page by adding a custom title, portrayal, watchwords, and so on. You may also specify the overarching watchwords for your site on the subject options board. You may also use the h1, h2, and h3 structure on each page, as well as the breadcrumbs feature, to increase the usability of your site.

Manager of Shortcodes

There are over 300 shortcodes, including buttons, tabs, tables, sliders, gadgets, and more.

Sliders for success, inclusion, top rating, discount, and recent items, as well as a slider for item categories

Highlighted items, continuing items, hits, and general items all have shortcodes (you can set the number of things to show, the sort of request, etc)

Shortcode supervisor: add components to each page with only one click, without having to reorganise HTML/CSS code.

Choose your fonts and colours carefully.

More than 500 Google text styles — the Google text styles list will be revised on a regular basis;

Set the font size and style for titles, mottos, body text, and more;

Shades can be blended in an infinite number of ways;

Uploader: 50+ custom foundations + background photos establish a different basis for all pages and articles;

Header transfer: for each page, transmit a different header image.


Unlimited Sliders with 8 Different Responsive Slider Types (including a Premium Revolutions slider and a Grid slider worth 110$)

You may have a different slider on each page and choose from eight different slider types:

Flexi slider (rich design): a beautiful and responsive slideshow for displaying images and text;

A basic and responsive slideshow to present photos is the flexi slider (essential design).

Pivoting Slider: a nice blurring slider where you can choose how many boards to display.

Unique responsive slider; Versatile Slider

Slideshow with a twist: an amazing slider with thumbnails and tooltips!

Slideshow by Piecemaker: a glimmering creative slider;

The transformation slider is a one-of-a-kind premium slider.

Boxed or expanded style formatting

Admin Panel with a Wide Range

Topic assistance for children

The Bootstrap Grid is used to determine the 1170 pixel format.

10 unique gadgets

Adjustable in every way 404 Error Page

Login page using your own design

Highlights of the maintenance mode

Page with a sitemap

For tributes, a custom post sort is available (4 formats)

FAQ page with filters

Page for the Administrations (2 formats)

About this page (2 formats)

Slider with infinite accordion (switch) options

The amount of vertical tabs that may be utilised to show shortcodes, content, and objects is unlimited.

Sidebars abound.

There are no limits to the vivified norms that can be set.

Organizations for video, sound, statement, and presentation should be posted.

With javascript error control, you may create any number of contact structures.

Prepared subject for interpretation

8 blog layouts + string comments

Highlights from the company

With 9 portfolio styles, there’s no limit to what you can do with your portfolio.

Filterable, massive picture, two segments, three sections, four segments, with sliders, “Pinterest style,” detail (with a decent javascript impact), and complete portrayal are among the eight portfolio styles available.

8 different blog layouts

Video, sound, and exhibition organisations


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