Divi Booster V3.4.6 Free WordPress Plugin download

Divi Booster V3.4.6 Free Plugin download

WordPress plugin Divi Booster makes customising Divi easy.

Divi Booster expands the Divi theme’s customisation possibilities by over a hundred. Would you want to change the slider’s height? Alternatively, do you want to prevent the header from shrinking? Or do you just want to change the look of one page? Everything is at one spot. I’ll even accept requests if you post a comment with what you’d want to see.

Because the bulk of the suggestions can be turned on and off by just clicking a box, Divi Booster is easy to use. You don’t need to know how to utilise child themes since it’s a plugin. It is, however, fully compatible with the child theme.

Plugins have a bad reputation for slowing down your site, and Divi Booster is no exception. This is only true if the plugin has been poorly developed. Divi Booster pre-compiles and minifies the CSS and JavaScript code it produces when you save the settings, not when your visitor visits your site. This means it loads just as rapidly as, if not quicker than, child theme code.

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