Novashare Free WordPress Plugin Download

Novashare V1.1.8 Free WordPress Plugin Download



Novashare was founded on the principles of simplicity and execution from the beginning. You can get started with our module quickly and rest certain that it will not slow down your site. Scalability isn’t an issue if you have a small or large website. Novashare has been successfully implemented by a number of prominent WordPress businesses, including Kinsta, WPLift, and HeroThemes.

Checks and fastens are available.

Increase your social perceivability by including share buttons on your most popular content (counting blog entries, pages, custom post sorts, or even eCommerce items). Show single or all-out share counts from your top online media networks to encourage people to share.

The social offer is appealing.

Novashare includes share captures for the organisations listed below:

Support tally on Twitter

The amount of individuals who have shared your Facebook page demonstrates that you have a large following.


Support for Pinterest on a tallied basis

Support for cradle share check

Tally of support on Reddit

Programmer Updates




a text message (versatile)


a messenger (versatile)

QUOTE (versatile)


Share tally support on Tumblr

Tally support on VK





Support for Yummly’s share tally

Overwhelmed with bloated web-based media modules with 1,000 options you’ll never use? You’re in for a treat with Novashare at that moment!


Quick and easy to use

Our items don’t run where they shouldn’t using Novashare. With other social sharing modules, this was a significant nuisance for us. It shouldn’t stack on the landing page if you don’t have it set to stack. Outsider symbols are fantastic, but they come at a price in terms of appearance. Novashare instead makes use of inline SVG symbols. This means that just the symbols require additional libraries or DNS queries. We use bespoke tables that are designed to scale large, high-traffic WordPress sites. Some modules have a major issue with topping out the wp options table over time, which can wreak havoc on your site’s appearance. The majority of the information is stored individually with custom tables. You can choose from three offer check invigorate rate options. These employ an awe-inspiring technique for the sake of presentation and promotion. If you’re a designer, you can also use the built-in channel to send in your own offer check reactivation rates. Don’t give a damn about share checks? If the API isn’t enabled, no calls are made. What is the weight of Novashare? It’s less than 5 KB in the front! In the end, our WordPress module is little.


Novashare, unlike some other social sharing modules, is GDPR-compliant and requires no further setup. Our module does not use trackers, put goodies, or collect any personally identifiable information (PII).

UI that is easy to use

A lot of the modules have their own fancy control boards. We adore great design, but it frequently implies that you’ll have to spend time learning a new user interface in order to be effective in the back. We take use of local WordPress style without having to meddle with the administrator menu. This makes it simple to get right in and start putting things up. To get you started, here are a few simple settings:

Inline sharing catches, gliding, or both can be made more powerful.

Decide where you want to show the catches (posts, pages, custom post sorts, blog feed, chronicles, and WooCommerce items). We also have shortcodes.

Choose from over 17 different organisations.

Choose a layout for the sharing buttons.

Size, shape, and shading may all be changed. Match your site’s markings straight immediately.

Individual tallies, amounts, or both can be displayed in a social offer.

Set breakpoints for when the offer catches should appear on versatile.

Block “Snap to Tweet”

The WordPress block checker is one of our favourites. Novashare comes with a Click to Tweet block that you can easily add to any post by going to the supervisor and selecting “Add block.” If you prefer a different approach, you may quickly insert the square by composing/nova… Still, using the Classic Editor? We also offer a flexible shortcode that you may use.

Hello there, my name is a blue twitter box. Please send me a tweet.Click to TweetI’m a dark tweet box. Please tweet me with the hashtag #nothidinghashtag.

The accompanying: is highlighted by the square:

Choose one of three shading themes.

Modify the default CTA.

Adjust the CTA’s position.

Remove the URL and the username from the equation.

Hashtags can be stored in a variety of ways.

In tweets, you should always provide your Twitter username.

New# social offer check recovery

Novashare includes a check recovery feature. This naturally allows you to recover all of your previous friendly offer checks that may have been lost during:

Movements from HTTP to HTTPS

Changes in space

Changes to the structure of the permalinks (normal or custom)

Changes to the URL (incorporates a manager choice to include past URLs any post)

Past share totals are combined with current offer checks to ensure that none of your information is lost. On the one hand, we had the possibility of recovering over 60,000 misplaced offer checks.

New image floats on Pinterest

Pinterest photo drift pins are available on Novashare. As they browse your content, your visitors will be able to explicitly pin any image from your site to Pinterest. This element is entirely made up of inline CSS in the front, with no further JavaScript. On the Novashare demo, you can see image drift pins in action.

Suggested Plugin: Ristorante – V2.0 WordPress

This component includes the following:

Choose where to display photo float pins (posts, pages, custom post sorts).

Rework the titles and representations of the pins.

Add a repin ID to the pin.

Nailing to singular images becomes incapacitating.

Adapts to all types of devices

Responsive to all electronics, including work places and cell phones. Set breakpoints above and below your offer catches where you need to hide them. You may create any scenario you want:

On the work area, there are coasting share catches, however on the portable, there is just an inline button (top or lower part of substance or both).

On the work area, demonstrate coasting share catches that scale down to skimming share catches on diverse (adhere to the lower part of the screen).

On the work surface, only show inline catches (top or lower part of substance or both).

On a handheld device, just show inline catches (top or lower part of substance or both).

On the work area, just show skimming share captures.

On the portable, just show drifting captures.

All-out concealment is contingent on versatility.

Occupy a location that is easily accessible and adaptable.

Match your scribbling.

Each website is unique, and you should have a variety of options. Novashare makes it simple to integrate your WordPress site’s branding with a few simple clicks.

Dimensions and forms

You want your captures to stand out but not cause too much tension. You may use a variety of styles, shapes, and size combinations. Take a look at some more style mashups.

Choose whatever tone you like.

Select whatever shadings you require. The following is a representation of Novashare on workup that follows the site’s shading scheme.

New gadgets to follow

Clients may quickly interact with you on your top web-based media networks with the accompanying gadget. It may be placed in the sidebar or footer of your website. The following is highlighted:

There are 55 fasteners and organisations in all.

The user interface is simple and intuitive.

Changes may be made with a live preview in the Customizer.

Squared (default), adjusted, and roundabout are three distinct forms.

There are three distinct configurations: left (default), right, and focus.

Increase or decrease the size of the captures.

Just like the float credits, change the catch and symbol tones.

Another option is to open connections in a new tab.

Shortening the investigation and link

We believe in making things simple while yet providing you with the information you want as a busy site owner or marketer.

Among the highlights are the following:

Set up UTM borders so you can see which informal communities are bringing the most traffic to your site.

By enabling join shortening with Bitly, you may create short and non-distracting URLs.

In Bitly’s dashboard, dissect your connection click data.

Support for many sites

Do you have a lot of WordPress sites? Put it out of your mind. The Novashare unlimited licence supports WordPress multisite setups. This allows you to transmit settings from your organization’s primary site to your subsites with ease.

The following features are included in multisite arrangements:

The module will be initiated by the organisation, and you will need permission from the organisation administrator to use it.

Assign multiple levels of organisation access, such as Site Admins or Super Admins.

Push your pre-arranged settings from your primary network site to your other subsites as quickly as possible.


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