SUMO WooCommerce Payment Plans Free Download

SUMO WooCommerce Payment Plans Free Download

SUMO WooCommerce Payment Plans

The Most Comprehensive WooCommerce Deposits, Installments, and Payment Plans Plugin is SUMO WooCommerce Payment Plans.
Any product may be booked by paying a deposit amount, which can be predefined or user specified.
Users are required to pay a deposit amount.
The amount of time it takes to pay off a balance may be set.
Purchases may be made in instalments.
The amount of the instalment may be fixed or variable.
Purchase items by making a down payment and paying the balance in instalments.
Installment Payments are subject to interest charges.
SUMO Reward Points are accepted (requires SUMO Reward Points Plugin)
Recover Abandoned Cart is compatible with WooCommerce (requires WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart Plugin)
Affiliates compatible with SUMO (Requires SUMO Affiliates Plugin)
SUMO Memberships are compatible (Requires SUMO Memberships Plugin)

Suggested Theme: wpgym


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