Webnus Events Calendar Free Premium WordPress Plugins Download

Webnus Modern Events Calendar Free Premium WordPress Plugins

Webnus Modern Events Calendar

Webnus Modern Events Calendar Pro Nulled Premium has been created using moving plan methods and the most recent innovation, with an attractive plan based on a realistic notion of a plan. We put together all of the highlights of the event programme as you want them with the high-level booking structure and a slew of additional practical options! Occasions

Include a photo of the occasion.

Maps of the Area

Occasions that occur just once

Several daytime events

You may plan events that last longer than a day.

Capacity to turn a day into an event

Include on your Google Calendar

Download the.ics file to add to iCal, Outlook, and other calendar programmes.

Framework for progressed event zones

Framework for a more advanced event coordinator

Areas and coordinators will be able to embed images.

Capacity to categorise events

Capacity to categorise events in an infinite number of ways

Re-enacting events

Capacity to make ordinary situations extraordinary

Capacity to plan week-by-week events

Capacity to plan month-to-month events

Capacity to organise yearly events

Ability to review events on workdays and at the conclusion of the week

The ability to create bespoke stretches for certain situations.

There are never-ending occasions.

Capacity to create never-ending events

Capacity to establish a particular date for the event’s conclusion

Capacity to finish an event after a series of rehashes

The start of the event

Google Maps bearing component that is both simple and advanced

Interface for creating shortcodes

Separating shortcode creator alternatives has progressed.

Names for special occasions that are dynamic

The ability to save past events in shortcodes.

Custom CSS can be included in settings.

Capacity to present just the most important events

Route for a Smooth Month

For Google Maps, there are over ten different guide types to choose from.

WP backend capacity to send out any occasions

In a single occasion page, backing comment structure

Ready for Interpretation

Support for English and Spanish

Provide options.

Awesome symbols in textual style

Skins in a variety of shades

Suggested Plugin: WP Sheet Editor Pro

Ability to select custom tones

Look at the calendar from month to month.

Week after week, you’ll see

A Day by Day Look

The Rundown/Grid observes

Observe the guide

Show events on Google Maps based on their location.

Support for RTL

Customized tones for special occasions


Capacity to produce several types of tickets

Ability to set a limit for all-out appointments.

Capacity to set a limit for particular tickets.

Capacity for producing free tickets

Custom fields can be added to the booking structure.

Framework for establishing global taxes and fees

Capacity to set specific charges for any circumstance

Supervisor of coupons and discounts

Coupons with the ability to handicap include

Cash options that have advanced

Three different installation procedures were used.

Local currency is accepted.

PayPal Express is a service provided by PayPal.

Using a PayPal Credit Card

Capacity to enable/disallow installation techniques

Various notices should be sent to the booker/administrator.

For the booker/participant, a booking warning has been sent.

Administrator is being warned about a booking.

Participants will get confirmation of their reservation.

The administrator confirms the participant’s reservation.

Capacity to confirm both free and paid appointments on a regular basis

The ability to completely disable booking features if you don’t want to use them.

For appointments, there is a CSV trade option.

For appointments, you can use MS Excel as an alternative.


WPML is ready to use.

Prepared for WordPress Multisite

Add-on for Visual Composer

Similarity of modules in storage

Modules for web SEO that are comparable


Completely satisfactory to the engineer

A subject’s ability to abrogate files and single pages.

Capacity to revoke a subject’s skin documents

Capacity to use WordPress’s separation framework to channel module choices

Ability to use the WordPress activities API to trigger custom capabilities.

Intense Characteristics

Payment Integration for WooCommerce

Integration with Stripe Payments

Integration with Mailchimp

Integration with BuddyPress

Skin for the File Page

Single-day and multi-day events

Google Maps has improved.

Google Calendar events may be imported.

Fare divided events into CSV, MS Excel, JSON, and XML formats.

Unusual Occasions

Recaptcha is a service provided by Google.

Hourly Timetable

Widget that may be accessed from any sidebar

Using Shortcodes and Widgets to Work Together

Using Shortcodes and Visual Composer in tandem

CSS customization

Arranging and segregating options has progressed.

For every occasion accomodation, make a note of it.

Submission of an Event from the Frontend


Occasions that keep repeating/repeating

Module for the Next Event

Creator of Shortcodes

Checking automatically ( Email and Booking )


Skins with various shades

View in Slider

View from the Front

View of the Graduation

View of a merry go round

Calendar View/Month to Month

View Week by Week

Every Day Observation

Grid/Rundown View

View from the Guide

Support for RTL


Framework for taxation and fees that has progressed

Framework for various tickets

Clients who are visitors (not signed in) on occasion will be accommodated.

Details of the Occasion/Single Event Page

Framework for coupons and discounts

Integration with PayPal

Multi-Site Capable


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