Wordfence Premium V7.5.2 Free WordPress Plugin Download

Wordfence Premium V7.5.2 Free Plugin Download

Wordfence Premium

Our WordPress security plugin offers the most comprehensive protection for your website. WordFence Firewall protects you from being hacked by using the Threat Defense Feed, which is continually updated. Wordfence Scan uses the same exclusive stream, informing you immediately if your site has been hacked. Our Live Traffic view offers you real-time access into your website’s traffic and hacking efforts. The most complete WordPress security solution available is rounded up with a robust collection of extra features.

Firewall for Web Applications

Threat Defense Feeds in Real-Time Stop Brute-Force Attacks

Malware Scanner Advanced Manual Blocking Country Blocking

Check to see whether the IP address of the site is causing spam.

Check to see whether your website has been spamvertized.

Blocked Intrusion Attempts can be viewed here.

View Google’s Crawl History

Bots and Crawlers can be seen here.

Logins and Logouts can be viewed.

Human Visitors can be seen here.

Repair Files for Two-Factor Authentication

Keep an eye on your disc space.

Obtain Detailed IP Information

Suggested Theme: JobScout


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