WP Quads PRO Free Plugin Download

WP Quads PRO Free Download

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Premium WordPress theme with 4 unique and professional looking homepages, each one having its own design and functionality. The theme is fully responsive and optimized to work on all devices including tablets and smartphones. It has been designed using the latest HTML5 standards.

AdSense for WordPress is fast and easy to set up.
See why more than 60.000 websites rely on WP QUADS by checking out the features listed below.

Display AdSense advertisements on your Accelerated Mobile Pages with a single click thanks to AMP support (AMP)

Ads That Adapt to Your Screen Size
Even if your website is viewed on a mobile, tablet or desktop computer, your adverts will fit flawlessly. Make your own ad sizes or use an automated option to figure out the ideal ad size for each device.

Indicate whether or whether adverts will appear on mobile, tablet, or desktop devices. Toggle ad visibility and hiding for certain post types and user roles

WP Rocket, W3 Total, and any other caching plugin are all supported by Caching Power.

In-Depth Guidance
Get rapid answers to your AdSense-related issues by contacting an AdSense Expert.

Expanded Layout Choices
Specify margins for each of the four corners of your advertising (top, right, bottom, left).

Follow the guidelines.
Any ad should have the phrase “Advertisements” added above or below the headline to make it stand out.

Exceptional Capability
The user’s experience and search results are greatly improved when pages load quickly. WP QUADS is a well-developed product that keeps your site running quickly.

The Setup Is Straightforward
We don’t waste time on unimportant details and instead stick to the essentials. WP QUADS Pro makes it simple to target your audience with high-converting advertising.

Detection of Ad-Blocking Software
Customize a message for visitors who are using an ad blocker. In addition, you may use Google Analytics to find out how many of your site’s users are avoiding ads altogether.

The best part is towards the end: ad-free browsing
You may put as many adverts on your WordPress website as you like. Is there a limit to what I can do?

WP QUADS PRO removes the free version’s restriction of 10 content advertising.