Wp Robot 5 Free Plugin Download | Onetouchtheme

Wp Robot 5 Free GPL Plugin Download | Onetouchtheme

Wp Robot 5 Free GPL Plugin Download | Onetouchtheme

WP Robot is a complicated autoblogging solution with a broad variety of capabilities and practically limitless possibilities for automatically writing material for free download.

WP Robot is an autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress that allows you to automatically write high-quality blog entries. WP Robot keeps your sites fresh and updated by drip-feeding excellent material linked to any subject. Even when you’re sleeping.

Since its inception in 2009, WP Robot has won the distinction of finest autoblogging plugin for WordPress because to unrivalled features, excellent support, and frequent upgrades. The programme is now utilised on over a million WordPress sites, and it is still updated on a regular basis.

How WP Robot Can Assist You in CREATING COMPLETELY NEW WP AUTOBLOGS FOR PBNs or as Satellite Sites


MAKE MONEY from your WordPress website by promoting affiliate marketing goods that are relevant to your audience.

CREATE ENGAGING material that is both SEO-friendly and appealing to your readers.

IMPORT your own PLR articles, add relevant photographs, and publish them on a regular basis.

AGGREGATE and display industry-specific RSS feeds that are related to the content of your website.

Everything is auto-posted.
More than 30 outstanding content sources are supported by WP Robot. All of them are totally automated and may be combined in any way to generate varied and entertaining content on demand.

A Long List Of Characteristics
If you dare, look over our whole list of features. Here are some of the most crucial details:

WP Robot is compatible with any WordPress theme. The material is created by us, and the theme determines how it appears on your blog.

Automatically generate content for any topic or keyword. Your imagination has no bounds!

WP Robot may be used for a variety of purposes, including creating a WordPress autoblog, curating content, and enhancing your blog with targeted pictures and adverts.

Drip feed fresh material to your blog at predetermined intervals, or bulk upload a large number of new articles in one go. Alternately, do both!

Automated creation of new material is feasible because to powerful templates, automatic translation, and interaction with spinning software!

WP Robot can autoblog in German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and many more languages thanks to our worldwide support!

WP Robot is regularly being updated, and we make sure it’s compatible with the most recent version of WordPress. Over 80 significant upgrades have been released since its first release.


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