WP Sheet Editor Pro Free Premium WordPress Plugins Download

WP Sheet Editor Pro Free Premium WordPress Plugins Download

EDD Downloads Pro – WP Sheet Editor

Groups: For each pack, the module produces a segment. Using the accounting page or the mass update tool, you may quickly change packages.

Variable Pricing: Variable costs are maintained on the accounting page. It has portions where you may put the value, name, and so on.

Unlimited records: The EDD Spreadsheet can store an unlimited number of records, which you may change on the sheet and update in bulk using the mass update tool.

Custom Columns: You may modify custom fields by adding new sections to the Downloads Spreadsheet.

Metadata for downloads: You can change Custom Fields introduced by other modules, and they will appear properly.

Visibility of Sections: You may remove, deactivate, display, and sort parts.

Recipes: Using Formulas, you may instantly update a large number of Downloads.

Metaboxes for Advanced Custom Fields and Progressed Custom Fields appear in the Downloads bookkeeping page by default.

Advanced search: You may look for Downloads by categorization, missing images, or any other parameter.

Resize sections: You can resize segments.

Renaming sections: You can rename segments.

Format items: You may create a “ace Download,” and any subsequent Downloads in the accounting page will mimic the characteristics of the basic Download, so all fields will be auto-filled.

Sduggested Plugin: WP Smush Pro


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