WPGYM – Gym Management System Free WordPress Plugin Download

WPGYM – Gym Management System Free WordPress Plugin Download

WPGYM – Gym Management System Free WordPress Plugin Download

The WPGYM plugin allows you to manage gym subscriptions, exercise plans, and other information online. You may also see member information, collect payments, issue invoices, and create sales reports.

Description of the product

The WordPress gym management plugin makes it simple to set up a fully functioning gym and fitness website. you’ll need to manage your members, exercise schedules, and courses, among other things. WPGYM is a full-featured WordPress management plugin that displays member statistics and other information. On the platform, you can also build bespoke gym membership plans for customers. Furthermore, all of your gym members will be able to pay for memberships online using PayPal. Users may also utilise graphical reports to monitor their own diet, body measurements, and exercise routines.

The Benefits of Using a WordPress Management Plugin-

Integration with Mailchimp

The WordPress fitness plugin offers an easy-to-use subscription system for your company, allowing you to effectively manage your email list, subscribers, and their information.

Payment for Membership

WPGYM allows you to display membership packages such as plans with expiration dates, trial offers, class limits, and so on. You may design your own gym membership plans, collect payments via PayPal, and send invoices to members based on cost estimates. You may also provide membership subscription options for various time periods, such as monthly, quarterly, annually, and so forth.

Accessibility in Bootstrap

The WordPress membership plugin is Bootstrap compliant, thus it can be used for both fixed and responsive layouts.

Dashboard that is very powerful

A full-featured dashboard is included with the WordPress administration plugin. You can simply create and manage responsibilities for various gym staff members such as trainers, accountants, and members, as well as see key modules, messages, and events. Additionally, you can keep track of different gym activities and exercise plans. It has three customizable dashboards for a variety of tasks, including:

Member Dashboard with Personalization:

With the following choices, site administrators may access the dashboard and manage the member list:

Show a list of accountants with their contact information.

Create, modify, and remove groups, as well as assign trainers to them.

Create a PDF invoice payment report that is unique to you.

Each member’s weekly exercise may be added or removed.

See the list of notices, products, stores, and reservations.

Keep track of employee attendance and batch records.

Prepare a proper dietary plan for each member and assign it to them.

You can see the information of each employee, including their job, specialty, picture, and so on.

Choose from the list of current, prospect, and alumni members to see their profile, attendance, or subscription history, and generate physical stats.

Pop-ups with easy-to-read class schedules and a weekly schedule list may be added.

Add an exercise journal, a measurement, and a list of members with their joining and expiration dates.

Examine the staff’s membership term, as well as the installation strategy and sign-up costs.

Dashboard for Accountants:

Your gym accountant can handle revenue, expenditures, and membership fees from this area. They may also use the dashboard to accomplish the following functions:

By choosing a certain day, you may create events and schedules in the calendar.

Check the status of your payments and mark them as paid or outstanding.

View their account details and settings.

Send a message to the trainers, administrators, or members of the staff.

For each member, create a payment report.

Sell items, check sales records, and add new items to the list.

Dashboard for Staff Members:

Incorporate new members into the class.

Organize your reservation list.

Make batches in the morning or evening.

Daily exercise activities may be managed and seen.

Make a list of all the gym’s offered amenities.

For any event or class, reserve the classroom or hall.

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